Usability Tests

Aid the blind / poor / low vision users to use the software


 Blind Users with low Vision

Am I Color Blind?

 Protanopia - red blindness Deuteranopia - green blindness Tritanopia - blue blindness Monochromacy - complete color blindness

Tools to aid tests on web


 Accessibility color wheel


 ColorPick Eyedropper



  Size Weight Style

Assistive Software

 Visolve Daltap eyePilot ColorBlindExt

Color Management

 Learn about Color Management Control Panel --> Color Management Books Online references

Screen Readers

 I Zoom Web WinZoom USB Dolphin Guide Dolphin SuperNova NVDA System Access to Go Thunder Windows Eyes Open Book JAWS Kurzweil 1000

Screen Magnification

 ZoomText Express MAGic ZoomText ZoomText Keyboards

Speech to Text

 Dragon Naturally Speaking J-Say Pro J-Tools Windows 7 Voice to Text

Color Blindness Simulation

 Color Oracle ColorDoctor Sim Daltonism

 Online Color Blindness Simulation

  Coblis Vischeck Colorblind Web Page Filter Color Vision

Color Recognition

 Eyedropper WhatColor

 Online Color Recognition

  Color Name & Hue Name that Color

Useful Tips

 Based on the user and context Write e-mails with bigger and bold font :) Braille keyboard Buy and gift computers for the blind / elderly / users with poor vision accordingly. Enable useful browser add-ons while accessing the web

Browser add-ons

 ColorBlindExt Color blindness simulator

Well, the Internet is for Everyone ) Be the ( : )eyes for the elderly / users with poor vision and the blind