Testing on Beta Versions

i OS 9 Beta version

 Download i OS 9 beta version from

 Test your Mobile apps on Ios 9 Beta

  UI/UX elements on Mobile app Testing

  Responsiveness testing on Ipad's, Mini's

  Multitasking: Test new Ios Multitasking feature with your Mobile App

  App Switcher: Access your Mobile app using new App Switcher-Double Press Home Button

  Siri: Try to Open, Delete your Mobile App using new improved Siri

  Map Widgets: Test the behavior of Map widgets on your Mobile App using newly improved maps on i OS,If you click through the map widget on your app it should open up in Apple Maps with correct location

  Notifications:Test push Notifications behavior of your mobile app with improved chronological Notifications on iOS9

  Search: Access your Mobile App using new search on i OS 9

  Navigation between Apps:Switch to new app from your Testing Mobile app using new back to search button on Top Left corner

  siri suggestions: Test Whether Siri suggestions is showing up your Mobile App, if it recently or mostly opened on your phonw

  Perform regular Mobile app Tests like Data Leakage while installing uninstalling app, Interruption testing while using mobile App

 Useful Resources on i OS 9


Edge Browser-Windows 10

 Download Beta Version of Edge browser

 UI/UX: Test Your Website for any UI/UX errors on Edge browser

 Font: Check Font and font color of your website content with Edge

 Social Share: Test Social Sharing your website using integrated sharing button for Edge browser

 Reading View: Test Reading View of your website's static pages like T&C's, Contact us etc on Edge browser new Reading view

 Reading List: Test Reading List Feature which saves your website reading view for future viewing. (if your website is more content based)

 Annotation: Test whether your website supports web Annotation feature on Edge which enables user to draw, highlight parts of webpage

 Pin To Start: Try to pin your webpage to start Home Screen of Windows10 check if your website displays any sign or favicon on Homescreen rather than Blank icon

 Flash: Disable and Enable Flash plugin on Edge browser and check the behavior of Flashy things on your website

 Top Sites: Check whether top Sites feature is showing up your website in recent opened tabs, if so check your website logo or favicon

 Cookies Testing: Check how to modify,delete cookies of your website and test the behavior of your site

 Devtools: Use Dev tools and check your website performance and really how faster the experience is

 Useful resources