Test Techniques - P PACE

Problems based techniques (Why are you testing? What are the perceived risks?)

 Risk based testing






People-based techniques (Who is testing)

 User testing

 Alpha testing

 Beta testing

 Bug bashes

 Subject Matter Experts testing

Activity based techniques (How you test?)

 Regression testing

  Bug fix regression

  Old bugs regression

  Side-effect / Stability regression

 Scenario testing

  Test must be realistic, customer actually executes this test

  Test must be complex, involving several features

  It should be easy to tell whether program passed or failed the test

  A stakeholder is likely to argue that the program must be fixed if a test fails

 Guerilla testing

 Smoke testing

 Installation testing

 Load testing

 Performance testing

Evaluation based techniques (How to tell whether test passed or failed)

 Self-verifying data

 Comparison with saved results

 Comparison with specification document

 Heuristic consistency

 Oracle based testing

Coverage based techniques (What is tested?)

 Function testing

  White box

  Black box

  Grey box

 Function Integration testing

 Domain testing

  Equivalence class analysis

  Boundary testing

 Logic/Business rules testing

 State-based testing

 Path testing

 Statement and branch coverage

 Requirements based testing

 Specification based testing

Testing every factual claim made about the product in a specification, manuals, marketing documents, user guides and technical support guides given to customers.

Requirements based testing focuses only on testing each and every requirement.

 Combination testing

 Testing Tours

  Menu tour

  Documentation tour

  Data tour

  Variables tour

  Feature tour

  Complexity tour

  File tour