Test Reporting


 Test Area



    To be completed first, focus area


    Expect to complete testing in this area within the alloted time


    Will get to it if we can

  Test Effort


    Sanity Check: major functions & simple data


    Common & Critical: all functions touched; common & critical tests


    Complex Cases: strong data, state, error, or stress testing

  Test Status


    No testing yet, but expect to begin soon.


    Testing has started and is underway


    Testing has started but is now on hold, no activity at this time


    Testing is unable to proceed due to a bug or other blocking conditions


    Planned testing for this area has been completed. No further testing is scheduled


    Planned testing for this area has been canceled

  Test Condition


    We know of no problems in this area that threatens to stop or interrupt testing at this time


    We are investigating problems in this area


    We know of problems in this area, testing activity is threatened or interrupted


   Highlight critical relevant bugs detected


   Highlight key findings or issues as required


 Testing Budget

  Budget to Actuals

 Testing Schedule

  Schedule to Actuals

 Testing Scope

  Planned vs Actual Test Execution

 State Legend


   Good, actuals on target to plan


   At Risk, actuals may exceed plan


   Critical, actuals are exceeding plan