Personas Based Testing


 Identify the place of your users

 How users from specific place think?

 What do users from place "A" need when compared to "B" and "C" etc.

 Personalization based on geography?







 Middle Aged

 Senior Citizens

Differently abled

 Color Blidness

 Partially Blind


 Need formal training?

 Need past experience?

 Need particulat qualification?

 Need to be good with computers?

 Need to be technically sound?

 Any computer user who uses internet can use the app?

 Skill levels?





Internet Usage Sources


 Mobile Network






 High Speed LAN

 Broadband Line

Internet Bandwidth

 56 kbps?

 1 mbps?

 512 kbps?

 Test coverage for various bandwidth

Educational Background





 Buccaneer Scholar?

 School drop-out?

Computer Use

 Basic concepts?

 Extensive usage?




Smart Phone usage?

 Operating system?





 Screen resolution

 Why your users use smart phone?

 What is one thing that makes them happy about your app?

 What makes them hate about your app?

 Addicted to smartphone?

User Profiling

Know your users closely!

 Use Heatmaps to know behaviour of your users

 Collecting users feedback?

 Using users feedback?

 Google / Omniture analytics?

 Server logs which convey usage pattern? Example: Entry pages and exit pages.

Mental Modeling

 How it works?

 How the user thinks it works?

 How to app presents itself to its users?

 Practice thinking like a specific persona (Practice consciously to be able to switch back to your thinking)

 Mental Models by Cooper

(How it works?, How the user thinks it works?, How to app presents itself to its users?)

Learn about your users

 Analytics data

 Talk to them directly

 Understand users emotions / feelings towards the product

 Use Twitter, Facebook & social media to see what your users are saying!

 What are their needs?

 Users interests?

 How do users function in daily lives?

 Users expectations?

 User Preferences?

 Likes / Dislikes?



  Tolerance for bugs?

  Love to spread bugs on social media?

 Culture of your users (Multi-faceted culture)?

 Actionable Details

(Analytics data, Talk to them directly, Understand users emotions / feelings towards the product, Use Twitter, Facebook & social media to see what your users are saying!, What are their needs?, Users interests?, How do users function in daily lives?, Users expectations?, User Preferences?, Likes / Dislikes?)

Target Audience

 Who are your users?

 Who are not your users?

 Are you considering "Hackers" as a type of audience?


 Create user scenarios

 Define user environment

 Define user behavior

 Listen to your users stories by talking to them


 Tester: I test like a user

 Which user will do that?

 I know what users love & I don't need any analysis.

 Statistical data is absolutely correct!

Points to ponder

 Make sure personas attributes reflect actual users

 Too many personas creation may be problematic!

  Jared Spool says, "If you have read a book or watched a movie with enormous cast of characters, you may have found it hard to remember who was related to whom, who said what and so on. You probably didn't feel like you knew any of the characters very well".

 Personas are NOT about YOU!

 Use pictures to relate to Persona

 Brainstorm for generating good scenarios