Mobile Testing

Test on the go

Spell and Grammar Check

 Uniformity across the device Example: Dialing versus Dialling


 Firmware Updates Application Updates Download, install and update: - With internet connections GSMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-fi and others - Check and record the speed of download and install


 Devices Operating Systems Different Versions of Browsers

Comparable Products

 A / B testing



 Native app

 Hybrid app

 Mobile Version Web Version


 Input Output Delay in providing the input Delay in the output received due to internal / external outage

Install / Un-installation Tests


 Option to enable / disable notifications Push notifications Notifications received - Display - Accessible - Next Action - Tap / Touch


 Network outage

Online Tests

 Connect to app store Install Share the app - Available Options to share the app - Successful shares - Errors Rate and review the app

Offline Tests

 Uninstall apps


 Designer User First Release Tester Developer Differently-abled users

Challenges Faced

 User challenges Language barrier Help on translation by browser / app

User Device Interaction

 User habits


 Unofficial / pirated version of the software


 Responsive web design Availability of response web menu for web apps


 Help = Availability in multiple languages Installation guide Instruction guide Warranty

Mobile Accessories

 Compatible Portable Usable User friendly

Types of Testing

 Automation Testing

 Ility Testing







 Audio Tests

  Sound and Voice tests Recorder Speaker Ear phone Jack


  Play Audio Voice Radio

 Video Tests

  Play Video Shake Run


  Localization Internationalization

 Claims Testing

  Explicit Implicit Vendor Application

Hardware Tests



  Messages: Different modes Pluged in, not charging Plugged in, charging Battery Saver mode Battery information Last charged CPU speed V/s battery consumption


  Protective glass Display Face recognition Touch / Tap sensitivity


  Memory leaks

  Internal External Expandable


  Memory card Jack Battery Charger

Software Tests

 Functionality and Feature Testing


  Test on the go - Mobile (Movement)

  When in Flight mode

   Activate Wi-Fi

   Activate Bluetooth

   Activate NFC

  Run applications Switch on flight mode Switch off flight mode Check if the applications resume

  Profile settings Silent Vibration Silent versus vibration Ease of use