Mobile Application Usability Testing


 Colorology Are we keeping color usage in our mind? Example: Red background color with orange color text sucks!

 Help & Documentation?

 Kill the dialogs with irrelevant information or any information that doesn't make sense

 Recognition versus Recall Lets make the actions visible for users.

 Error prevention? Can we do something to avoid errors which can be a better User eXperience?

 Do we support undo and redo? This is for any accidental actions by users.

 Consistency in usage of conventions?


 Feedback system: Users always need to have right to know what's going on when they perform actions.

 Familiarity with users in terms of words, phrases, errors, messages! No usage of system terms.

User Journeys and Behavior

 Abandoning the app based on server response time?

 Users reading long articles?

 E, 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) connections How do users feel when they use app with different network speeds?

 Muscle memory heuristic

 Minimal straight-forward funtions?

 Users don't have patience.

 User is in rush?

Errors & Alerts

Readability Tests

 Colors used?

 Foreground and background color of fonts

 Font styling and size?

 What else? Think!

Search made easy!

Input Methods

  Touch targets: size, placement, affordances or signifiers


  Making gestures usable

  Usability of the horizontal swipe or horizontal navigation

  Gesture ambiguity

  Typing and mobile input-field design

App Functionality? What makes sense for mobile app?

Brainstorm commonly made actions by users on specific mobile app

Can we implement skeuomorphic designs?


  Spinners, sliders, and other selectors

  Carousels and carousel cues

  Button and button placement

Modal dialogs and alerts

Progress indicators

Orientation Tests



Call / SMS Interruption Tests


 Location information, maps, locator forms

First Impression Report



 App Launch Performance?

 Get Started Guide?






  What the fuck?

  Not so bad.

  I love this app.

  I will never use this app.

  I cannot recommend this app.


 App crashes?


 User Testing / Focussed Groups?

 Eye tracking software?

 Multi cameras recording?

 Document camera

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