How can I keep up with Testing?

Testing is challenging! So...


 Crowd sourcing


 Play around with new apps

 Invest on new devices


 Books on Testing

  Costly? Try Kindle versions!

  Search for PDFs

 Books on Thinking

 Magazines on Testing

  Testing Circus

  Tea Time With Testers

  Women Testers

  Testing Experience

  Testing Planet

 Tool Repositories

  Apps by TestInsane

  Dojo by Software Testing Club

 About Technology

 About Gadgets

 About Science

 How Stuff Works

 Testing Blogs

  Software Testing Club Blog Feed

  Use Feedly

  Use Google Newstand

  Use Flipboard

  Use Pocket

  Apps that can help you organize your Reading

(Use Feedly, Use Google Newstand, Use Flipboard, Use Pocket)

 Twitter Feeds of Testers

  Follow them

  Add them to lists



 Software Testing courses in Udemy and similar sites



 About your learning

 About your experience

 About whatever you are interested in!


 In Twitter

 In LinkedIn

 With team mates

 With different team members

 With Developer Friends

 With Managers

 With Mentors

 With Newbies

 With Fresh graduates


 With your Family

 With your Friends

 Play a game

 Listen to a Song

 Watch a movie

 Watch Football


 Snap photos

 Flash a ROM ;)