Bug Reporting Etiquette


 Use ALT+PrintScrn to take active window screenshots

 Use "FireShot" for full-page screenshot on Mozilla Firefox

 Do not upload heavy file sizes

 Compress the image file if too heavy

Things to avoid

 BMP files

 Spelling mistakes

 SMS language

 Being offensive / abusive

 Duplicate bug reports

 Zipping files when the file is not more than 1

 Obvious Information (Thanks to Maria Kedemo for pointing this)

THINK before you fill in the template.

Know your audience



 Test Lead?

 Test Manager?


 Product Owner?

 General users on web?

Bug Summary



 Not too long

Use 140 characters philosophy ;-)

 Follow a hierarchy

Module Name - Feature Name - My Profile Upload File doesn't work

Bug Description

 Mention Heuristics

 Mention Oracle used

 Risk Analysis

 Investigation Notes

 Reproducing the bug - Details

 Provide the details based on the context

(Mention Heuristics, Mention Oracle used, Risk Analysis, Investigation Notes)

Test Environment Details

 Operating system?


 Monitor size?

 Screen resolution?

 Web browser?

 Mobile Browser?

 Test data?

Quick checks



 Text formatting


 File naming convention


  Word files

  Excel files

  Txt Files

  Video Files

  Examples: MyProfile_FileUpload_BMP_files_validation_is_not_done.PNG MyProfile_TestData.xlsx EarnPoints_ErrorLogs.txt

(Screenshots, Word files, Excel files, Txt Files, Video Files)

Bad Bug Title

 My profile is throwing error msg in d model window

 File upload doesnt tel wat type of file to upload

 Look into attachment for details

Good Bug Title

 My Profile: Error message displayed when tried to upload BMP file

 Log file is not created on running a job

Benefits of good bug report

 You earn respect from developers

 Developers respect your testing

 Helps you build your credibility as tester

 Helps you become reputed tester in your team

 Helps in saving project costs

Bad Bug Reports helps in

 Creating Annoyance


 Increase in project costs

 Creating hatred among dev and test

 Destroying your career as a tester

Video Capturing

 If steps are long, capture a video.

 Compress the video file size

 Use compression tools like WinRar, WinZip, 7-zip.

Solid Archive in WinRar can compress better.

 LiceCap Tool - Generates light-weight GIF format.