Android UI Elements Version I

View Group


  Linear Layout

   Single Direction

   View group that aligns all children in a single direction, vertically or horizontally.


  Relative Layout

   View group that displays child views in relative positions.


  List View

   Items will be in List manner


  Grid View

   Items will be in thumbnail manner



 Action Bar









  Alert Dialog

   Are you sure?

    "Yes" or "No"


  Progress alert

   Loading please wait...

  Status bars

  Color wheels

  Date pickers



  A simple Feedback about the operation performed




 Drag and Drop



 Option Menu


 Context Menu / Floating menu

  Appears when long press


 Popup Menu


Input Controls


 Text Field



  Check mark any one

  Check mark multiple check boxes


 Radio Buttons


  Un Checked


 Toggle Buttons

  An on/off button with a light indicator.







Input Events


  Called when a view has been clicked.


  Called when a view has been clicked and held.


  Called when the focus state of a view has changed.


  Called when a hardware key is dispatched to a view.


  Called when a touch event is dispatched to a view.



 Item 1

 Item 2

 Item 3



 Continuous slider

  Media volume

  Alarm volume

  Ring-tone volume


 Discrete slider

  Zooming slider




  Selects an object

  Navigates through different screens


  Scroll up and down


  Left to Right / Right to left

 Long Tap (Tap and Hold)

  Additional options

 Double Tap

  Zoom in

 Pinch open

  Zoom in

 Pinch close

  Zoom out