37 Source for Test Ideas

Source : http://thetesteye.com/posters/TheTestEye_SourcesForTestIdeas.pdf



  What product is supposed to do




  Function list from existing system

  Find implicit requirements

  User Expectations

  Unwanted capabilities

  The obvious

(What product is supposed to do, Requirements, Examples, Specifications, Function list from existing system, Find implicit requirements, User Expectations, Unwanted capabilities)

 Failure Modes

  Many modes software can fail

  Ask What-if?

  Unintentional / Intentional failure

  Realistic / Provoked failure

  Anticipated / Unexpected failure

  Internal / External

  Challenge the fault tolerance

  failure is not an option it is mandatory

(Many modes software can fail, Ask What-if?, Unintentional / Intentional failure, Realistic / Provoked failure, Anticipated / Unexpected failure, Internal / External, Challenge the fault tolerance)


  helps identify test ideas




  Anatomy map of what can be tested

  Create custom models

  Create many models (not just one)

  A pic is worth than a thousand words

(helps identify test ideas, Anatomy map of what can be tested, Create custom models, Create many models (not just one))


  Intentional / Unintentional


  Follow data







  Look at different places

  Data is the King

(Intentional / Unintentional , Dependency, Follow data, Boundries, CRUD, Types, Format, Look at different places)








  Get the big picture

(Hardware, OS, Application, Configuration, Technology, Language)

  White Box




  Decisions / Path

  Code Coverage

  dirty one's hands

(Architecture, Design, Code, Decisions / Path, Code Coverage)

  Product History

  Dig defect management tool

  Dig support tickets

  Talk to the oldest members of the team

  Understand why/how/what build the product

  Use Old version & explore

  Old Problem, New Shape

(Dig defect management tool, Dig support tickets, Talk to the oldest members of the team, Understand why/how/what build the product, Use Old version & explore)


  Talk to Stakeholders

  Talk to support team

  Rumours can be good test ideas

  what goes around, comes around

(Talk to Stakeholders, Talk to support team, Rumours can be good test ideas)

  Actual Software




  Put yourself in the driver seat

(Interact, Explore, Observe)


  Inner working of technology




  Security aspects

  Future needs

  Hey! Dev, where is the tiolet?

(Inner working of technology, Understand, Security aspects, Future needs)


  Similar products

  In-house solutions from other team

  FAQs, websites, users of competitors

  Similar problem, different solution

  Good artists copy, great artists steal

(Similar products, In-house solutions from other team, FAQs, websites, users of competitors, Similar problem, different solution)






  Understanding purpose, helps to prioritise tests



  Your Department

  your team

  Any contradictions with what you do & objective?

 Product Image

  Marketing materials





 Business Knowledge

  How the company makes money?

  Quarter revenues?

  Projection? How you & team help?

 Legal Aspects

  What would cost the most in a legal issue?


  Terms & Conditions


  Creative Ideas

  Lateral thinking



  Internal Collections


  De Facto Standards

  OS guidelines



  are a user

  are a stakeholder

  your strength




  Aware weakness as well

   Get support



  Why this project?

  How problems were solved before?

  why now?

 Information Objectives

  what is the Purpose of testing effort?

  Create one (if not exist)


  Which module? Feature?

  Technology risks

  Business Risks

 Test Artifacts

  Test ideas



  Coverage Reports

  To cater

   Technical team

   Management team

   Sales / Marketing team

   Legal team

  Research reports






  Track of all debt


  Informal talk

  Have lunch with dev, BAs

  Insider information

  Ask for suggestions

 Context Analysis

  What else impact current situation?

  What is tested by others?

  what stage of product development are you in?

  how long ?

  What has changed ?

 Many Deliverables




  Web services, APIs

  Release notes

  Marketing materials

  Code Comments


  Training materials


  Tools that helps faster execution

  Data generators

  Notes taking

  collaboration tools

  Tools can trigger test ideas


 Public Collection Checklist

  Appendix A of Testing Computer Software (Kaner, Falk, and Nguyen)

  Boris Beizer Taxonomy (Otto Vinter)

  Shopping Cart Taxonomy (Giri Vijayaraghavan)

  Testing Heuristics Cheat Sheet (Elisabeth Hendrickson)

  You Are Not Done Yet (Michael Hunter)

  OWASP top 10 Vulnerabilities


  W3 Standards

  Apple HIG (for Mobile)

  Accessibility standards


  General Knowledge





  Forums & meet ups

  Software Testing Club


 Quality Characteristics










 Product Fears

  stakeholders worry

  Loss of image

  Wrong decisions


  People wont like the software

  Different people have different fears

   Typical hard-to-verify, but useful-for-testing

(Loss of image, Wrong decisions, damage, People wont like the software)

 Usage Scenarios

  Model User journey

  Different ways a user accomplish a task

  Make all possible mistakes while using the product

  credible , complex scenarios

 Field Information

  Talk to real users

  work closely with Pre sales & sale team

  Work in real environment with real users


  Different people

  Different needs

  Different feelings

  Different situations

  Do a role play

  Two similar users might very thing differently


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