Claims Testing - Heuristic Test Strategy Model

Claims Testing - Heuristic Test Strategy Model

You are testing a software and you see that there are various claims made by the software. This mindmap gives you a trigger across various such claims in order to generate the test ideas. Test your application for various claims in order to achieve one of the type of test coverage.
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Albert Gareev

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Albert Gareev is software testing craftsman and practice lead; Toronto based consultant and contractor. With over 20 years of diverse industry experience, Albert led and performed testing for challenging projects; successfully implemented complex and large-scale automation. Albert is a “full stack” technical lead – he combines strategic and tactical vision; has exceptional hands-on testing skills; ensures continual growth of skills and mindset in his teams. Albert is founder-organizer of Toronto Testing Meetup (, and also a facilitator of the Americas chapter of Weekend Testing. Visit his blog at and follow @AGareev on Twitter.

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