Bug Reporting Etiquette

Bug Reporting Etiquette

This mind-map will help a experienced tester or a fresh mind tester to become better at bug reporting. A better bug reporting always has benefits over other testers who write sloppy bug reports which actually help them in destroying their career or becoming a bad tester. If you want to be a good tester, these pointers may help you become better with respect to bug reporting which is one of the crucial skill required for a software tester.
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Comments ( 5 )

  1. srinivasskc    7 years ago

    Any helpful, websites / tools - can check for grammaratical messages?

  2. mrslavchev    7 years ago

    Hi, Great job on the mind map, I love mind maps - they are neat, well organized and you have all the info in relatively small space. I would suggest that above the "Screenshots" branch it might be a good idea to add more general branch called "Resources" and split it in "Visual" branch - screenshots, videos or any tipe of media and "Text" branch - log files, traces and stack traces, crash reports - these might be veery usefuls when things get serious. Keep up with the good job. :) P.S. 140 chars in the summary-that's sooo fkin hard sometimes, man :D

  3. TestManiac    7 years ago

    @mrslavchev, Thank you very much for your kind words and we go agree that 140 characters in summary is fucking freaking hard at times. However, that's the challenge like code optimization we do :-) At times, we have to exceed 140 characters and again the bug trackers should not have maxlength=140 :D ;-) Thanks for adding some tips to the mindmap in your comment. Commenting section is a beautiful place where people can learn more and more. With Love, Ajay & Santhosh

  4. TestManiac    7 years ago

    >> Any helpful, websites / tools - can check for grammaratical messages? Websites, we are not aware of as now. Have you tried the 'Review > Spelling and Grammar' feature in MS-Word? We find it quite useful. For ex: Copy paste the text 'check for grammaratical messages?' in MS-Word and right click when you see a red underline to know the exact spelling and suggested grammar edits. Love, Ajay & Santhosh

  5. tejas    6 years ago

    Great Work....

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