Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting is not only about steps to reproduce. It has more stuff like risk analysis, heuristics and oracles, bug advocacy report and etc. to make it a strong credible report. And also your team or development team looks at you in a different way when you write cool bug reports. There are less chances of rejecting the bugs reported when they know you are a skilled software tester. How do you build that? Well, by building bug reporting skills. We recommend you to read "Lessons learned in software testing" book by James Bach, Cem Kaner and Bret Pettichord. Also, do not forget to read "Crash Course on Bug Reporting" by Pradeep Soundararajan and Santhosh Tuppad at http://tuppad.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Crash-course-on-Reporting-Bugs-in-Software-Testing.pdf
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    Hi Jyothi, Excellent work, well done and very good effort!. Keep it up!. We look forward to see many more MindMaps. Thanks. Best Regards, Buddhini.

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