Web Security Testing Checklist

Web Security Testing Checklist

Many testers lack security testing skills and that's when we thought of getting the security testing checklist for testers who could start their security tests from day 1. This is a very tiny checklist, yet powerful and triggers other tests for other features which may require same set of tests. Security attacks are like nightmate, they may happen today or after a decade; so it is better to be on the safer side by testing our software for security quality criteria. Go ahead and use the mindmap to test for security!
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Santhosh Tuppad

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Santhosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester. He is a bastard in following his heart. Happiness takes the priority for him. He also conducts public workshops on security testing and speaks at software testing conferences!

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  1. tester23    6 years ago

    Great Web App testing checklist...thanks for sharing!

  2. SanthoshTuppad    6 years ago

    Thank you :-) Please share it with your network!

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