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Santhosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester. He is a bastard in following his heart. Happiness takes the priority for him. He also conducts public workshops on security testing and speaks at software testing conferences!

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  1. Shirish1    6 years ago

    Hi Santosh, This is a vast/exhaustive list of combinations of functional attributes (tested&) listed in the mind maps diagram. However now a days clients are more willing to go beyond functional testing. Having a mind map covering all those testing aspects (including functional testing) would be an addition/advantage. Regards, Shirish

  2. umesh    6 years ago

    how to open .xmind file???

  3. SanthoshTuppad    6 years ago

    Hi Umesh, You need XMind Software to open *.xmind file format. You can download it from and its a free software. There is commercial one as well, but you don't need it unless your requirements match with those premium features. I am good with free version and do a lot of it with it. Thanks!

  4. SanthoshTuppad    6 years ago

    Hey Shirish, I believe that this was just an exercise for me to reveal the knowledge to the testing community quickly and is not really exhaustive to me. Covering all testing aspects in one mindmap? I am not sure how one can achieve it. But, its a interesting thought where we could innovate. May be not "ALL" aspects, but more of "focused coverage" on one or several topics that are connected. Thanks for triggering this discussion. It helps!

  5. rrajeshbarde    6 years ago

    You guys rock.

  6. SanthoshTuppad    6 years ago

    Thanks Rrajesh :-)

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