Mobile Phone Battery Related Tests

Mobile Phone Battery Related Tests

You are a seasoned mobile app tester or you are a newbie to mobile app testing, this mindmap is going to unleash some crucial tests that you can do while testing a mobile app. Yes, we are speaking about battery related tests like battery consumption, app performance based on various battery levels etc. With the sophisticated users where a user installs many apps, keeps running various apps in the background; you need to see how your apps behave with respect to battery component in the mobile phone.
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Jyothi Rangaiah

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  1. dUmEeL    7 years ago

    Nice Initiative and kudos to the team. Here the Few more cases Related Phone battery testing 1.Battery Charging time - *Charge the battery in power off mode *Charge the drained battery(zero power) *Charge the battery when it has some power *Charge the battery when it has full power *Charge the battery in different mode (General,Silent,Airplane) *Charge the battery when there is a power fluctuation *Charge the battery until it get heated or blast :P *Charge the battery in various circumstance (Heat,Cool,Normal) *Charge the battery with damages *Charge the battery rinsed in water

  2. SanthoshTuppad    7 years ago

    Thanks dUmEeL for adding more test ideas. This is the beauty of the community participation (Brainstorming). The more time we take, we keep getting more test ideas. These mind-maps were developed within specific timeline and helps in giving a kick-start to learn! These mind-maps will be continuously updated based on the additions whenever every contributor gets time! There is so much to add in terms of test ideas and this keeps getting better with community participation in a consistent manner. We loved your participation :-) Thanks again!

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